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Manuela Pifani

Founder & MD, CXellence Consulting

Matt Rogan

Chairman, Two Circles

Megan Neale

Founder, LIMITLESS Technology

Ben Scott-Robinson

Co-Founder, The Small Robot Company

Stefano Perego

Head of UK Customer Fulfillment, Amazon

Vinay Parmar

CX & Digital Director , National Express

Sue Daley

Head of Data Analytics and AI, techUK

Peter Ryan

Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory

James Brindley-Raynes

Global Product Manager Staff Digitisation, HSBC

Bian Salins

Head of Social – Digital, TSB

Dr Andy Pardoe

Director for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Digital & Founder of Informed.AI

Tim Hughes

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Director, Tata Consultancy Services

Ian Cairns

Customer Director, easyJet

Martin Hill-Wilson

Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist

Maria Semykoz

Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Dr Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation, Goldsmiths University, Founder Centre for Creative & Social Technologies

Calum Chace

Futurologist, journalist and best selling author

Daniel Hulme

CEO Satalia, Director of Business Analytics MSc at UCL

Anton Fishman

Managing Director, Fishman & Partners Ltd

Alistair Shepherd

Founder & President, Saberr

Chris Ezekiel

Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual

Nicola Strong

Managing Director, Strong Enterprises

Ann-Marie Stagg

Chief Executive of the Call Centre Management Association (UK)

Andy Peart

CMO, Artificial Solutions

Miranda Sharp

Director Innovation, Ordnance Survey

Mark Hillary

Writer, Blogger, Analyst on tech/globalisation/future/cx

Mike Havard

Director, Ember Services

Prof Nigel Crook

Head of Computing and Communication Technologies, Oxford Brookes University

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