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Why a Platform Strategy Is Key to Improving the Customer Experience

Businesses across many industries are scrambling to identify and adopt new business models – based on digital capabilities that enable a frictionless, personalized omnichannel customer experience – in order to spur growth rates, boost productivity, and eliminate lags in technology adoption. But it will take more than cost cutting and system upgrades to close the gap. Leading firms are now looking to platform strategies that leverage digital ecosystems to achieve measurable improvements in customer satisfaction at a lower cost (and risk). Learn how leaders are achieving Business 4.0 – the digital transformation and enablement of the enterprise in a digital world and digital economy – to achieve excellence in customer experience.
· Shifting the focus from cost-cutting to improving customer experience.
· Gaining speed, agility and responsiveness.
· Customer experience success stories – best practices and lessons learned.
· Factoring in the importance of building employee engagement.
· Leveraging customer data effectively – how AI is changing customer experience strategies.
· Key customer experience metrics and measurements – how do you gauge success?
· Addressing “experience inflation” – how the digital commerce giants are shaping customer expectations.
· Real-world solutions and strategies that are having an impact.

Proven track record in leading strategic change, rallying large groups of people toward a common business vision, improving business growth and P&L performance. Led high performing teams of up to 1,800 employees, managing up to 15m customer relationships, budgets of £140m transforming people engagement/culture change, improving efficiency and changing customer behaviour to drive channel migration/digital adoption. Achieved by working at ExCo / Board level to develop an organisations customer promise, understand what customers see & value, build their customer gene/ capability then align the organisation to deliver it.