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Let’s get emotional. Find out how customers feel in the new VOC revolution
Morris Pentel, Chairman, Customer Experience Foundation

We know positive emotion drives success in most customer interactions and relationships. When it comes to evaluating Voice of the Customer (VOC), we also know that it’s easier to judge a customer’s emotional disposition when we listen to what they say, rather than ask them for ratings and metrics. In this session emotions expert Morris Pentel introduces us to ‘emotional VOC’ and shows how we can turn customer comments into emotional insights. Using practical examples and case studies, he reveals how these insights can inform customer experience design so that, over time, your customers feel better and better about you. Expect to walk away with several recommendations you can adopt now to improve your VOC programme.

Morris is a UK based customer experience and contact centre strategy consultant with a successful track record working with big institutions and government organisations worldwide. He has delivered workshops for thousands of delegates in twenty countries and his designs have almost certainly influenced your daily customer experience. He is an innovator in VOC and his ‘customer emotions’ methodology is currently being tested with several VOC platforms and AI designs.