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‘It’s the gig economy, stupid’. How gig workers, AI and crowd platforms can transform your customer experience.
Francesca Rea, Director of Customer Experience, New Day with Megan Neale, Founder and Director, Limitless Technology

Consumer financial services business, New Day, prides itself on putting customers at the heart of its digitally powered business strategy. Today it’s leveraging the gig economy to support growth, agility and customer experience excellence. Francesca and Megan will describe a programme that pays customers to provide feedback on both digital and traditional service experiences; and how it leverages that feedback to drive customer experience design. Since the programme was introduced, customer engagement with New Day has reached record levels. Using this example they’ll open up a discussion about how the UK’s gig workers – 12 million of them now, eight times that many by 2025 – can be ‘recruited’ to fuel customer experience advances. It’s a new economic model that gives companies a real chance to keep pace with rising customer expectations. They’ll look at what it can achieve and the technologies that make it possible.

Francesca is an experienced CX leader who has lead successful transformation and achieved award winning customer service for the companies she’s worked for. Using a combination of enabling technologies and lean process methodologies, she’s delivered cost reductions at the same time. Before joining New Day in 2014, she worked in customer service with BT, Cable &Wireless, 02, AXA and GE. New Day is a major consumer credit company with 5.4 million UK customers.

Passionate about digital innovation for CX, Megan co-founded Limitless in 2016, having identified customer service as the perfect place to bring three mega-trends together; the gig economy, consumer enthusiasm and artificial intelligence. She has held executive level roles in CX businesses for over ten years and is an Advisory Board Member of the CX Network.