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Who pays the robot (and does the robot pay)? The economics of CX automation
Mark Hillary, writer, blogger and analyst focused on new technology and the future of CX

Investing in tech has always been a leap of faith for both in house CX operations and BPO providers challenged by cost pressures and tight margins. When it comes to robotic process automation (RPA), Mark’s on the hunt for economic evidence of value that will replace faith with certainty. His presentation investigates real life implementations to discover whether RPA really can change your business, or whether the ‘save £ millions’ promises of automation amount to nothing more than overblown hype. And, if outsourcing is part of your CX modus operandi, you’ll be interested in his views on how BPO contracts need to change if ‘automated effectiveness’ is to replace ‘bums on seats’ as the economic basis of the client/provider relationship.

Mark is a British writer and analyst based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a former technology director turned communications advisor, via his experience writing books and blogs on CX technology, work, and globalisation. He has written 16 books and published his views in the FT, BBC, Huffington Post and Reuters. He was the first ever blogger ever hired by the UK Government and has advised the UN on technology policy. His consultancy, Carnaby Content, creates analysis, reports and content focused on CX for clients worldwide.