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CXtech -Transforming your culture: how to make your tech decisions customer-centric
Maria Semykoz, Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Technology can transform your business, bringing about seamless individualised customer experience, unprecedented flexibility and enhanced productivity. On the other hand, tech investment can bring major disappointments; wasted resources, immense risk exposure, frustrated customers and disengaged employees. In this session, Maria shares highlights from Gallup research and real-life client case studies to show how building an agile digital culture can help organisations systematically use new technologies to advance their customer and employee experiences. And she’ll give her tips to help you avoid falling victim to tech hype.

Maria combines expertise in data analytics, workplace productivity and behavioural economics to lead Gallup’s workplace analytics design practice in Europe. She’s actively engaged in helping organisations across all industries harness the power of data and AI technologies to create high performance workplaces cultures that underpin customer centricity, agility and innovation.