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Supercharge your chatbot. How to unlock the true potential of conversational interfaces
Andy Peart, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Artificial Solutions

Chatbots promise to increase customer engagement, improve brand experience and deliver actionable insight to the business. So, why are many of them failing to deliver? The answer lies in chatbot technology that’s been developed for a single purpose, which distorts organisations’ vision of what can be achieved through conversational interfaces. That problem is further exacerbated by the number of channels and languages through which customers want to communicate, a sad lack of chatbot intelligence and confusion over data ownership. Andy talks honestly about at the challenges organisations face when using natural language solutions to engage with customers over digital channels, and suggests practical ways to overcome them. Delivering an AI driven conversational interaction that’s 100% on brand, consistent customer pleasing and compliant is achievable, he insists. It just needs smart thinking matched by smart tech.

Andy has more than 25 years’ marketing experience with IT and natural language businesses, helping to build innovative, technology driven organisations. He believes conversation to be the lifeblood of communication between humans and technology. At a time when people expect to control apps, websites, wearables devices and even cars by speaking, he’s working in the field of ‘conversational AI’, developing solutions that enable organisations to build and deploy enterprise strength conversational applications and gather customer insight from conversational data.