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Technology Transforming Customer Experience

CX Technologies: The Future,The Near Future & Now

Join us and discover the technologies that will transform every aspect of your CX; how you design it, how you deliver it and how you analyse its impact on your customers and business.

Our 1 day Conference and Showcase will evaluate what’s new, what’s working and what’s coming next in a technology transformation that’s connecting companies with customers like never before.

Co-Located with 

Thought leading Conference Agenda and Innovation focused Solutions Showcase

One Day

Find everything you need to fuel your CX transformation in one day, under one roof.

Top agenda

Join a focused conference that investigates the impact of technology on every area of CX.

Real World

Hear case studies and lessons learned from companies that are really making headway on the CX transformation journey.

Hands on Showcase

Meet the vendors and see the technology that can change everything for you and your customers

Conference – Not just the talk…

We have a reputation for creating events that break the mould; that bring industry leaders together and give them direct access to experts, innovators and early adopters with opinions that matter and experience that’s proven.

Alongside presentations and case studies, expect interactive debates, panels and networking opportunities that will get you involved in the discussion.

  • Early adopter case studies
  • Best practice – current CX Technologies
  • Innovation under investigation
  • Global insights and future trends
  • AI, IoT and the future of customer connectedness

We have a knack for attracting high profile speakers rarely seen on the regular conference circuit.  At CXtech you’ll hear from leaders who are creating change, forecasting the future and transforming their organisations, but will take time out from business to spend time with you.

Showcase – Touch it and see…

In our Solutions Showcase leading edge vendors and innovators will demonstrate the technologies they have available today, and reveal their roadmaps for future innovation.  It’s your opportunity to evaluate solutions, find innovation and formulate buying decisions.

Because CXTech covers every aspect of CX – from design to delivery and analysis – you’ll find relevant solutions,                                                                                                  irrespective of your industry sector or area of operation.

  • CX design via any channel and at any touch point
  • CX delivery in service, sales or community building
  • Operational design and implementation for contact centres or digital delivery
  • Analysis of CX and its impact on customer engagement or business performance

From trying out the latest AI applications, to meeting the service delivery robots and bots, to testing operational platforms and applications; you’ll have the opportunity to shake hands and kick tyres.

Coming….?    Why wouldn’t you?

CXtech gives CX decision makers one day to accelerate their understanding and access transformative technologies.

It’s aimed at everyone that’s making key decisions about their organisation’s customer experience; how it’s designed, how it’s delivered and how its impact is understood.


So, if you’re involved in…

  • CX design via any channel and at any touch point
  • CX delivery in service, sales or community building
  • Operational design and implementation for contact centres or digital delivery
  • Analysis of CX and its impact on customer engagement or business performance

…for your organisation, CXtech is for you.

Whether you’re responsible for…

  • CX innovation and service creation
  • CX delivery and operational effectiveness
  • Technology selection and investment

…you’ll get insights to help you achieve your remit.

At a Glance

Key Information:

  • Date: Friday 12 October 2018
  • Time: 9:00 – 19:00
  • Venue: 155 Bishopsgate, London, 
  • Conference
  • Showcase
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Networking Functions
  • Plenary Speakers
  • 2 Streams
  • 50+ Speakers
  • Insightful Case Studies
  • Panel Debates
  • Round Table Sessions
  • Estimated Attendance 500+
  • Co-located with AI & Robotics, The Main Event


  • The Future of CX Technologies
  • The Near Future of CX Technologies
  • CX Technologies Now
  • VOC
  • Feedback
  • CXtech in the Contact Centre 
  • Intelligent assistants
  • Chat bots
  • Workforce management
  • Data & Analytics
  • AI & Robotics 
  • RPA
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • CX Cloud


  • IoT
  • Customer Robotics
  • Customer Communications
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • CXtech in Financial Services
  • CXtech in Retail
  • CXtech & Customer Engagement Strategies
  • CXtech & Employee Engagement Strategies
  • CXtech & Business Transformation

Speakers at recent events include:

Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion & AI Advocate

Aimee van Wynsberghe, Foundation for Responsible Robotics

Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor AI & Robotics, University of Sheffield, Head Judge BBC TV’s Robot Wars

Virginie Vast, Head of Cognitive Procurement and Digital Sourcing, Vodafone

Chris Corrado, Group COO & CIO, London Stock Exchange

Catalina Butnaru, London Ambassador,

Michael Rendell, Head of Innovation & Transformation, PwC

Angie Ma, COO, ASI Data Science, AI Assisted triage

Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI, Prudential

Frank Nigriello, Director of Corporate Affairs, Unipart Group

Alice Zimmermann, Global Product Partnerships, Google

Alex Harvey, Head of Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Ocado

Miranda Sharp, Director Innovation, Ordnance Survey

Kriti Sharma, VP Artificial Intelligence, Sage

James Alexander, Decisioning Director, Sky

Professor Philip Bond, UK Council for Science & Technology

Peter Waggett, Emerging Technologies Director, IBM

Nigel Houlden, Head of Technology Policy, Information Commissioner’s Office

Mark Preston, F1 & Formula Electric Guru, StreetDrone

Professor Nigel Crook, Head of Computing & Communication Technologies, Oxford Brookes University

Gerard Frith, Chairman, AI Matter & Chief Strategy Officer, Chelsea Apps Factory

David D’Souza, Head of Engagement, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Mark Purdy, MD of Economic Research, Accenture

Jayne Reddyhoff, Managing Director, Zanzi Digital

Dr Mirko Kovac, Director of Aerial Robotics, Imperial College London

Rod Willmott, Innovation Director, LV=

Paul Chong, Director of Watson Group, EMEA, IBM

Professor Alan Winfield, Professor of Robot Ethics, University of the West of England

Stephen Metcalfe MP, Joint Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for AI

David Leonard, VP, Arena

Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insights & Futurology, BT

Pete Trainor, Co-Founder Us Ai, Author, Human Focused Technologist

Tim Porter, CEO, Gluru

Alex Housley, CEO, Seldon, (Barclays Techstars ’16)

Dr Kiki Leutner, Business Psychologist, Teaching Fellow, UCL, Head of Science, Mindx

David Burden, CEO, Daden

Dave Millner, Executive Consulting Partner, IBM Smarter Workforce Solutions

Jeremy Hindle, CTO and Co-Founder, Headstart AI

Alex Cresswell, Managing Director EMEA, pymetrics

James Bryce, CEO, gweek

Mike Havard, Director, Ember Services

Anna Gát, Founder, Ixy

Tom Chatfield, Author, Broadcaster, Tech Philosopher

George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

Martin Wakeley, Managing Director- Health, Nth Dimension

Rob Buckingham, Director, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Head of RACE

Maja Pantic, Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing, Imperial College London

Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Lecturer of Business Psychology at University College London

Nicola Strong, Digital thinker, creative change agent, lateral futurist, Strong Enterprises

Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual

Mark Hillary, Writer, Blogger, Analyst focused on tech/globalisation/future/cx

Kalyan Kumar, EVP & CTO, HCL Technologies

Karl Chapman, Chief Executive, Riverview Law

Maxine Mackintosh, Co – Founder, One HealthTech & Adviser, Roche

Andrew Joint, Managing Partner, Kemp Little LLP

Lucy Standing, Vice Chair, Chartered Business Psychologist & Founder ViewVo

Eva Krumhuber, Lecturer Experimental Psychology, University College London


Andy Peart, CMO, Artificial Solutions

Stewart Bromley, Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank

Maria Semykoz, Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Andrew Burgess, Strategic Adviser on AI and RPA, Celaton & Director AJBurgess

Anton Fishman, AI Educator, Business Adviser, Organisation Consultant, Fishman & Partners

James Rapinac, Marketing and Communications Director, Europe, Gallup

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia,  AI & Ethics, TEDx & Director of Business Analytics, UCL

Rob McCargow, AI Programme Leader at PwC UK | TEDx Speaker

Rodolphe Gelin, EVP Chief Scientific Officer,  Aldebaran Robotics – Softbank Group

Giovanni Amodeo, Global Head of Editorial Analytics and Global Head of Research, Acuris Global

Matt Grimshaw, Partner, The Pioneers


Venue: 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

We’re turning 155 Bishopsgate’s venue into a connected event environment that lets you move seamlessly between our conference and Solutions Showcase; where there’s plenty of room to meet, greet, share experience and talk business.

And, of course, there’s a focus on connectivity.  Superfast wifi and exceptional business services mean you’ll never be out of touch with your world.

155 Bishopsgate, London, is located next to Liverpool St. Station in The City of London. 


If you’re a technology vendor active in any area of the customer experience field, talk to us about the benefits of partnership.   There’ll be opportunities to showcase your solutions, share your thought leadership and network with our invited audience of industry decision makers.


Demonstrate your solutions in our Industry Showcase. We’re creating an environment where you can show your systems in action as well as meet and greet potential buyers.

Thought leadership

While our conference plenary is reserved for independent industry experts, we’re creating partner streams and workshops where you can share your insights, experience and industry commentary.


Throughout the day – and especially at our evening drinks reception – you’ll be encouraged to interact with our audience, making connections that will enhance your business. You’ll even be able to invite and entertain your own valued customers and prospects at discounted rates.


Get in touch to discuss any aspect of CXtech, whether you’re interested in attending, speaking or eager to partner or just want to talk tech, Christina would love to hear from you:

Christina Wood – Connect Business Media

Phone: +44 (0) 1483 614451

Mobile: + 44 (0) 7775 942252

Email: [email protected]

CXtech is brought to you by Connect Business Media, a business media organisation with a reputation for creating mould-breaking events that challenge traditional thinking and overturn established formats.  With more than 30 years’ experience, the Connect team has managed national and international events on every continent on AI and advanced technologies, customer experience, outsourcing and employee engagement.  Our events connect audiences in new ways, opening up opportunities for discussion and debate that foster innovation and business growth.