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Technology Transforming Customer Experience

CX Technologies: The Future,The Near Future & Now

Join us on 31st October 2019 and discover the technologies that will transform every aspect of your CX; how you design it, how you deliver it and how you analyse its impact on your customers and business. Our 1 day Conference and Showcase will evaluate what’s new, what’s working and what’s coming next in a technology transformation that’s connecting companies with customers like never before. CXtech will again be co-located with our AI & Robotics conference following the successful co-location this year.
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Stay up to date in 2019 with CXtech and AI developments that will help you drive performance and profitability by attending our popular series of  AI Directors Forums at The Shard in London. These one day interactive Forums provide insights and expert advice from world leading experts and practitioners on how to embrace the new age of automation and how to transform organisations to deliver CX and HR excellence and maximise workforce effectiveness. . Hosted at Gallup’s conference centre in The Shard, London.


AI & Robotics Directors’ Forums 2020 Series


Register now to attend our popular series of Directors Forums, places are limited to 100 delegates.

Our 2020 Schedule will be announced shortly.


Thought leading Conference Agenda and Innovation focused Solutions Showcase

One Day

Find everything you need to fuel your CX transformation in one day, under one roof.

Top agenda

Join a focused conference that investigates the impact of technology on every area of CX.

Real World

Hear case studies and lessons learned from companies that are really making headway on the CX transformation journey.

Hands on Showcase

Meet the vendors and see the technology that can change everything for you and your customers

2019 Conference Agenda

Joint Plenary – Keynote Speakers

The event will start with welcome from our lead Chairs, Anton Fishman, Martin Hill-Wilson and Professor Andy Pardoe,
followed by three Keynote Speakers






Keynote #1

Chief Innovation Officer, SAP Customer Experience

As Chief Innovation Officer, Eugenio Cassiano is responsible for theSAP Customer Experience (CX) Innovation Office, which includes SAP Customer Experience Labs, Strategic Customer Innovation, and Innovation Ecosystem – various initiatives collaborating with SAP stakeholders as well as our customer experience and CRM-oriented partner and startup networks.

The Innovation Office’s main mission is to work close with customers to enable innovation across the SAP C/4HANA product portfolio, co-innovate on new business models, and apply emerging technologies and transformative trends across the SAP CX suite to deliver ultimate customer experiences.

Eugenio is also responsible for the “Idea to Inspire to Reality” program where strategic customers can opt-in and embrace digital transformation initiatives with low risk and fast ROI.  Eugenio is also acting as VC and Independent Board member for start-ups in Consumer Digital, Sport & Entertainment and IoT (Silicon Valley and Germany Digital Hubs).

Since joining SAP in 2011, Eugenio has held a series of progressive leadership and executive positions across diverse business units and organizations, focusing on customer success and building high performing teams. In his previous role at SAP, he served as VP for the European Strategic Customer Program bringing co-innovation and leading-edge differentiators for the customers.  He also served as chief transformation architect supporting a global Omni-channel transformation program.

Before SAP, Eugenio was an executive in a leading consulting company within the CRM space. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Studies of Milan, and a Master of Science in Computer Science with specialization in “Digital Communications” from University of Studies of Milan.




Keynote #2

Sales Director, Creative Virtual

Liam Ryan joined Creative Virtual in November 2007, bringing many years of experience in sales and internet strategy consultation to his role. He currently holds the position of Sales Director and is responsible for sales activity across all industry sectors as well as developing relationships with and working alongside the company’s channel partners. In addition to his expertise in chatbot and virtual agent technology, Liam also has a passion for robotics and appeared as a contestant on Robot Wars and Techno Games in the early 2000s.

From FAQ Systems to Conversational Chatbots: The Evolution of Customer Experience

In its infancy, chatbot and virtual agent technology wasn’t much more than a basic FAQ system valued mostly for its ‘cool factor’. Today these solutions are much more sophisticated, creating conversations with users and delivering personalised service and support. Drawing on industry experience and calling up live demos, Liam will share how effective chatbot, virtual agent and live chat solutions bring together artificial intelligence and humans to improve customer and employee engagement. He’ll also share actionable tips for selecting, implementing and maintaining conversational self-service solutions for long-term success.







Keynote #3


Parallel entrepreneur, and founder of 6 companies. From branding agency to innovation consultancy, product design, manufacture and nano technology businesses. Singularity University EP graduate, Abundance 360 and Strategic Coach Freezone Frontier member. Purpose driven, experimental, relentlessly curious and open minded. An inquisitive and tenacious learner, driving inspiring visions for an abundant future. Leveraging exponential technologies to unite, inspire and accelerate the best of all humanity.

Talent wars 2.0; AI, digital twins and the human potential.

As companies look to navigate the new age of technological disruption, the future of work will look very different. Following an 18-month research project, to understand human adaptability, Ross Thornley will share insights and key findings from mapping thousands of employees across 25+ companies, from around the world including Singularity University, IBM and UNIDO. Witness the birth of a valuable new measurement, ‘AQ’ adaptability Quotient, your next competitive advantage.

Six Streams across AI&Robotics and CX Tech Conferences

We have six streams of activities across the two conferences that ensure there is something for everyone.

Our Speaker Talks Topics

Some of the topics are speakers will be speaking about include:

Talent wars 2.0; AI, digital twins and the human potential
From FAQ Systems to Conversational Chatbots: The Evolution of Customer Experience
Explainable AI and changing market regimes
Starting a successful AI capability in your business
Artificial Sentience and Digital Immortality
Finding your Digital Voice
Looking at Fairness in HR focused AI-products
Disruption, AI and the future of homebuying
From ‘clinical automation’ to emotionally engaging, AI driven customer relationships.

Technical AI Stream 

Our Technical AI Stream covers a number of topics that relate to more technical challenges and achievements in the field of AI.

  • Aric Whitewood
  • Andrew Lea
  • Peet Denny
  • Katie Gibbs
  • Nitin Raj
  • Ross Thornley
  • Tania Peitzker 
  • more to be confirmed soon
Business Applied AI Stream

Our Business & Industry Applied AI Stream will focus on the practical aspects of applying AI technologies to real-time problems and applications.

  • Patrick Slavenburg
  • Tom Pickering
  • Abhijit Akerkar from Lloyds Banking
  • Karl Barnfather from Withersrogers
  • James Sanbert
  • Nicola Strong
  • Nigel Crook
  • Rob McCargow from PWC
  • more to be confirmed soon

CX Tech Stream

Our CX Tech Stream covers various aspects of customer experience advances across different industries. 

  • Liam Ryan from Creative Virtual
  • Sterling Hawkins
  • Julian Burnett from IBM
  • Mary Wallace from IBM
  • Morris Pentel
  • Nicola Millard from BT

CX Tech Chatbot Stream 

Our CX Tech Chatbot Stream will include an exclusive Echo Borg demonstration

  • Multiple Demos of the EchoBorg chatbot
  • Phil Hall from Elzware
  • Steve Worswick from Pandorabots

AI Startup Showcase Stream

We will be having an AI Startup Showcase Stream which will include a number of startups pitching their companies to the audience.

  • Jonathan Jackson from Previsico
  • Marcus Ong from Soectra 
  • Sam Stern from Affiniti 
  • Andy Young from Xmodus
  • Rodrigo Mazorra from Refineryy 
  • more coming soon

Workshop & 1-2-1 Stream

We have a Workshop and 1-2-1 Meeting Stream available for our partner companies to run Workshops. Also if you would like a 1-2-1 with one of our speakers or expo companies please let us know and we will try to accommodate this in the schedule.

Workshop and Meeting schedules will be confirmed on the day of the Conference.

Showcase – Touch it and see…

In our Solutions Showcase leading edge vendors and innovators will demonstrate the technologies they have available today, and reveal their roadmaps for future innovation.  It’s your opportunity to evaluate solutions, find innovation and formulate buying decisions. Because CXtech covers every aspect of CX – from design to delivery and analysis – you’ll find relevant solutions, irrespective of your industry sector or area of operation.

  • CX design via any channel and at any touch point
  • CX delivery in service, sales or community building
  • Operational design and implementation for contact centres or digital delivery
  • Analysis of CX and its impact on customer engagement or business performance

From trying out the latest AI applications, to meeting the service delivery robots and bots, to testing operational platforms and applications; you’ll have the opportunity to shake hands and kick tyres.


Coming….?    Why wouldn’t you?

CXtech gives CX decision makers one day to accelerate their understanding and access transformative technologies. It’s aimed at everyone that’s making key decisions about their organisation’s customer experience; how it’s designed, how it’s delivered and how its impact is understood.


So, if you’re involved in…

  • CX design via any channel and at any touch point
  • CX delivery in service, sales or community building
  • Operational design and implementation for contact centres or digital delivery
  • Analysis of CX and its impact on customer engagement or business performance

…for your organisation, CXtech is for you.

Whether you’re responsible for…

  • CX innovation and service creation
  • CX delivery and operational effectiveness
  • Technology selection and investment

…you’ll get insights to help you achieve your remit.

At a Glance

Key Information:

  • Date: Thursday 31 October 2019
  • Time: 9:00 – 18:30
  • Venue: etc venues, St Pauls 200 Aldersgate, London
  • Conference
  • Solutions Showcase
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Networking Functions
  • Plenary Speakers
  • 5 Streams
  • 30+ Speakers
  • Panel Debates
  • Case Studies, previous speakers include: easyJet, RBS, Ocado, Amazon, National Express, TSB, TCS, PwC, Accenture, HSBC, Sky, Unipart, Atom Bank, LV=, BT, Ordnance Survey, Vodafone
  • Estimated attendance 400+
  • Co-located with AI & Robotics: The Main Event
  • All delegate fees include:
    • access to both events
    • refreshments
    • lunch
    • networking and drinks reception
    • access to presentation slides
    • printed event guides



Venue: etc Venues, St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

We’re turning 200 Aldersgate venue into a connected event environment that lets you move seamlessly between our conference and Solutions Showcase; where there’s plenty of room to meet, greet, share experience and talk business. And, of course, there’s a focus on connectivity.  Superfast wifi and exceptional business services mean you’ll never be out of touch with your world. St Pauls, 200 Aldersgate, London, is located near to St Pauls Station in The City of London.
If you need to book at hotel, please contact us at [email protected] for a list of hotels that are near the venue.

etc Venues, St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

2019 Conference Sponsors


If you’re a technology vendor active in any area of the customer experience field, talk to us about the benefits of partnership.   There’ll be opportunities to showcase your solutions, share your thought leadership and network with our invited audience of industry decision makers.

Showcase Demonstrate your solutions in our Industry Showcase. We’re creating an environment where you can show your systems in action as well as meet and greet potential buyers.

Thought leadership While our conference plenary is reserved for independent industry experts, we’re creating partner streams and workshops where you can share your insights, experience and industry commentary.

Network Throughout the day – and especially at our evening drinks reception – you’ll be encouraged to interact with our audience, making connections that will enhance your business. You’ll even be able to invite and entertain your own valued customers and prospects at discounted rates.




Get in touch to discuss any aspect of CXtech, whether you’re interested in attending, speaking or eager to partner or just want to talk tech, Andy would love to hear from you: Andy Pardoe – Informed AI Events Ltd  Email: [email protected]

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